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I want to give a big thank you to our sponsors.  Without their help and support, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.  THANK YOU!!

Our Dedicated Sponsors
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Pat Boyle is great mechanic and an overall great guy.  He has helped our team tremendously over the last couple of years.  Pat's uncanny ability to diagnose problems stems from all his years in the automotive industry.  We trust him with our car and so should you.
Trackmaster and Dynomaster by are probably the best apps out there for you Android operated mobile phone. 

We use Trackmaster exclusively for all of our on track data acquisition and session analysis.  An equivalent program like MaxQdata would be almost 100x more expensive!  We have consistenly seen Trackmaster operate at within .10 of a sec of the official timing and scoring system of ICSCC.  Typically we could only get a stop watch to be within .30 of a second.  You can follow our Trackmaster lap times via twitter (our username is clintonracing).

Dynomaster is a great app for the automotive enthusiast that doesn't autocross or run track events.  Great for analyzing/evaluating modifications made to your car.  The Dynomaster app allows to you monitor 1/4 mile times, 0 to 60 times, horsepower, cornering forces, and much more.  Again similar products go for $500-$1000, 100x to 200x more than Dynomaster... You can't beat that with a baseball bat. 
Sponsorship Oppurtunites

We are always looking to add sponsors to our team.  We can offer a variety of services and benefits to potential sponsors.  If you are interested please contact us and we can send over a more detailed proposal
We proudly use NGK Iridium IX plugs in our STi.  They are a very high quality product that we have had a lot of success with.  Our representative Scott Haynes is a stand up guy that has gone out of his way to help us when we need it.  Contact him at and let him know that we sent you his way.
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I want to give a big thanks to Tim, Brandon, Jeff, Lance, and all the guys down at Cobb Tuning Surgeline. Everyone in  the Subie community already knows how great these guys are. They are truly gifted when it comes to performance tuning and their shop is very cordial.
I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying Robb is one of the best Fabricators in the NW.  His creative vision is inspiring and only surpassed by his workmanship.  You can email him at or give him a call (206)999-0411
Racecomp Engineering is dedicated to providing enthusiasts with the ultimate suspension and brakes systems for their Subaru Impreza, Legacy, BRZ, and Mitsubishi EVO.

  Since its founding in 2003, Racecomp Engineering has been widely regarded as the authority on suspension and brake design in the Subaru Impreza community. RCE components are found on everything from daily drivers to Speed World Challenge GT racecars.